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The three major companies in K-Pop – YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment – have recently revealed their second-quarter 2021 profits. This shows that HYBE has been a profitable company. Although HYBE is not the only company to have profited this quarter, they have still far outperformed their rivals. HYBE has more money than SM, but the two are still very closely ranked.

YG Entertainment, formerly known as Big Bang, is the largest entertainment company in Korea. It is owned by the Hyun Suk brother and has a history of launching first generation K-pop artists. YG’s success chart continued to climb until the end of 2018, when scandals shook the company’s reputation. However, with the recent popularity of BLACKPINK, YG has been back on track. YG also manages soloists, actors and artists under subsidiary companies.

HYBE has a storied history and is known as one of the most profitable labels in K-pop. Its artists have performed on BB charts and in the second-largest music market in the world. The company is responsible for 78% of K-pop album sales on the Oricon Top 100. It was formed by Bang Si-hyuk, who founded BigHit Entertainment. BTS is another company that works with HYBE.

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