What Are Some Good Business Ideas to Start in Detroit?

The auto industry created the middle class in America, but Detroit is now a city in flux. Unemployment hit 20% in 2011, and it could have reached 50% if people simply stopped looking for work. However, the city’s lack of enterprise and many failed businesses have created a perfect environment for entrepreneurs to launch their business ideas. From restaurants to bars to bike shops to tech startups, here are some great business ideas to start in Detroit.

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The most successful businesses are those that find a sweet spot between an entrepreneur’s passion and a community need. To find this sweet spot, start by learning what services are in high demand in Detroit. This knowledge will help you develop a business plan and make important startup decisions. If you’re a tech whiz, consider starting a software development firm. If you’re interested in a more creative business idea, start an online company to sell digital products.

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Whether you want to sell a specific product or service, Michigan residents love to socialize. Consider opening a bar with delicious food and drinks. Once you’ve built up a solid business, you can expand to larger boats and strengthen relationships with your suppliers. Alternatively, you can open a small plumbing business. These professionals earn good hourly rates and can be easily managed by a team of employees.

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