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The Importance of Environmental Protection in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Environmental protection has a major role in human health and wellbeing. It is crucial to prevent the occurrence of new diseases and promote the creation of medicines. Often, the environment is undisturbed which acts as a barrier for illnesses. Nevertheless, human activity has disrupted the natural environment, causing global warming and climate change. Bats, which are important vectors of these diseases, are responsible for transmitting the disease.

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To protect the environment, we need to address the causes, prevention, and mitigation of environmental problems. These issues vary greatly across geographical regions. In the newly industrializing countries, the effects

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of pollution are acute. Developing countries face significant challenges, such as air pollution and drinking water contamination. Meanwhile, developed countries are confronted with issues of consumer products and legacy of historical industrial uses. The rise of a global civil society also creates new opportunities and challenges.

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EPA’s webpage does not update regularly since Jackson left the department in February 2013. Many of the EPA’s programs and initiatives have been implemented. However, there are still many challenges ahead. To date, the EPA’s webpage has not been updated. Thankfully, there is a slew of science fiction and fantasy novels that explore the issue. Some of the best-known works deal with environmental issues. Some novels are even more enlightening than others.

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