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The Benefits of Environmental Protection

The benefits of environmental protection are many. Pollution is an obvious problem that affects all areas of life. In addition to the health risks posed by polluted food, this pollution can also harm the environment. People also have a moral obligation to protect the environment, as it fulfills their natural compulsion to protect themselves. The biodiversity of the world is an important part of the ecosystem that sustains human life. This diversity includes animals living on the earth, plants, forests, grasslands, and tundra. The loss of these environments will have a devastating impact on the human population and the environment.

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The benefits of environmental protection can be spread throughout the economy as environmental costs and benefits become more apparent. In addition, the marginal costs of environmental protection will become more readily affordable as pollution control and regulation increases in the regulated industries. Thus, a broader audience can benefit from the increased profits from environmentally-friendly products. As a result, regulation is justified economically when the benefits outweigh the costs. However, true negative cost-benefit analysis is difficult to conduct, and therefore, many environmental policies will fail to achieve the expected benefits.

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The benefits of environmental protection are obvious, but they cannot be quantified in a way that can be used to justify environmental spending. One of the most common ways to quantify the benefits of environmental protection is through a cost-benefit analysis. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the costs of pollution reductions can save the lives of more than seven million people each year. In 2006, the National Center for Environmental Economics estimated the cost of a statistical human life at $7.4 billion. In the process, the United States has become one of the largest contributors to global warming. This is because deforestation adds more carbon to the atmosphere, which causes it to get hotter. Conversely, trees absorb carbon dioxide, making the Earth cooler and the atmosphere hotter.

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