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ControlUp It is a software company that provides real-time visibility into the status of a system. Their tools allow IT administrators to manage a desktop computer’s behavior under various conditions. With their services, IT professionals can monitor what happens with a PC in real time, which is critical to IT departments.

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ControlUp gives IT real-time visibility into system status

ControlUp provides IT organizations with real-time visibility into the status of their systems. This helps them to quickly find and resolve issues, while reducing support calls. With just a few clicks, users can remediate problems and provide better user experience.

ControlUp provides a comprehensive view of virtualized and physical environments. The company collects device metrics and server data to proactively warn users of problems. Users can drill down to the specific issue to see what the cause is.

ControlUp enables users to catch and fix issues before they impact productivity. For example, the tool monitors Citrix environments to pinpoint the root cause of performance issues. It also monitors Unified Comms (UCM) platforms for quality call performance.

ControlUp provides end-to-end visibility into the digital experience of the workforce. This helps IT teams deliver better and more reliable remote work experiences. Specifically, it can help IT managers deliver the right application, at the right time.

ControlUp has developed a software-as-a-service platform that includes ControlUp Insights, ControlUp Remote DX, and ControlUp Solve. These offerings are designed to meet the needs of all organizations.

ControlUp Raises $100M in Funding

ControlUp is a cloud-based company that enables IT managers to monitor the performance of virtual desktops and EUC environments. It also provides real-time analytics on business activities. In the recent past, the company raised $100 million in funding.

The company uses machine learning to analyze data and detect common technical issues. Using this information, the platform is able to troubleshoot physical devices and virtual desktops. It is used by five of the largest US healthcare companies.

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