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LinearB, founded in Israel, is an enterprise software company that automates manual tasks in engineering. This software provides a unified view of engineering metrics, such as time-to-value (Cycle Time), and helps teams improve their overall efficiency. Founded by two former executives of cybersecurity company Cloudlock, which was acquired by Cisco in 2016 for $293 million, LinearB offers a productivity tracker for software engineers. It documents the amount of time spent coding and deploying code, as well as the percentage of code that fails.

LinearB’s developer workflow optimization bot automates manual tasks

In the last year, LinearB has tripled its number of paying customers, resulting in a massive community of devOps teams. With the help of LinearB, these teams can increase productivity and improve their developer workflow. The company also has plans to expand its developer tool integrations and push for additional workflow automation features.

The company’s technology has been used at companies like Tinder, Bumble, BigID, Cloudinary, Drata, and others. With the new funding, the company plans to grow its team and improve its product. The company is one of several software startups aiming to meet the needs of the growing remote engineering workforce. Sourcegraph, for example, is another startup that has built a tool that lets remote engineers collaborate on code.

It reduces time-to-value (Cycle Time) by 48 percent

LinearB is a DevOps startup that provides metrics, visibility, and software delivery intelligence to organizations. It raised $16 million in Series A funding from Battery Ventures and other investors. The company’s goal is to empower developers and deliver better products faster. The LinearB platform combines metrics from different tools and provides a single dashboard for DevOps teams to monitor and analyze performance and deliver higher quality software faster.

This tool helps developers reduce manual processes, deliver personal insights, enforce team guardrails, and improve overall performance. These benefits lead to happier developers, tighter alignment to business priorities, and accelerated delivery.

It helps teams improve their overall efficiency

The LinearB DevOps platform provides a centralized, real-time view into the health of your team. This helps ensure that your work is aligned with business goals. It also helps improve team efficiency by helping you enforce the appropriate team guardrails. The result is a happier developer, a more productive team, and faster delivery.

The startup has raised $20.6 million from investors and plans to use the new funding to expand its team and build out its product. While it will keep its free version for smaller teams, LinearB is also planning to expand its enterprise plan and add more developer tool integrations. The company also plans to push for more workflow automation features.

LinearB provides an overview of developer productivity and identifies bottlenecks and overworked team members. It also helps teams set goals and monitor progress. It helps teams automate routine tasks, which allows them to focus on more important tasks.

The company’s software helps engineering leaders make better decisions about which tasks are most important to focus on. It has recently raised a $50 million Series B round from Battery Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, and 83North. In its first three years, LinearB has gone from serving about 1,500 development teams to over 5,000. Its current user list includes companies such as BigID, Cloudinary, Unbabel, and Drata.

Raised $16 Million in Series A Funding

In a Series A round of funding, DevOps startup LinearB has raised $16 million from Batt Capital. The company is building a product management platform for developers that increases developer productivity. It has a community approach and a free version for smaller teams.

LinearB raises $16 million in Series A funding

LinearB, a DevOps startup that provides metrics and visibility into software development, has raised $16 million in Series A funding from Battery Ventures. The funding is expected to help the company expand its operations and reach. Founded in 2018, the company is already used by more than 1,500 software development teams. Its product combines workflow automation and analytics to help teams manage and optimize their projects.

The company’s technology gives developers a window into their teams’ efficiency and productivity, ensuring that all work is aligned with business goals. LinearB is also focusing on collaboration and asynchronous development tools, two important areas for remote teams.

Its product management tools improve developer productivity

With LinearB’s product management tools, developers can track the status of their projects in real time, and it also helps engineers identify bottlenecks in their workflows. Monitoring your team’s progress and catching issues early can help you ensure a high quality product.

LinearB’s product management tools are built with the needs of developers in mind. Their goal is to help developers increase their productivity and align engineering and business leadership. Their focus on developers is also apparent in their marketing. They create a podcast on software development strategies, and they have a dedicated Discord channel for developer productivity

Its community approach

A software startup bringing community and DevOps together has raised $16 million in Series A funding. The company’s software delivery intelligence platform automates data collection, visualization and reporting. It’s designed to increase data integrity, reduce cycle time and improve planning accuracy. It can also help teams understand project health, and flag teams that need additional help.

The company’s focus on community has been a key part of its growth strategy from the start. Its community is comprised of over 1,500 dev teams, including unicorns. The company also hosts a podcast that provides insights into the mindset of progressive dev leaders

Its free version for smaller teams

LinearB’s founders have made it a priority to create a product that is valuable for everyone. This includes the small teams, who may not have a large budget for a paid subscription, but still need a way to collaborate with their team. They have also built a community focused on helping people develop their skills and find their community. In the past, this has included events where influential industry figures share their insights. LinearB has also hosted its own conference called INTERACT, which brings together engineering leaders and gives them an opportunity to share their successes hertube.


For smaller teams, LinearB offers a free version that allows you to use the platform for up to eight developers. You can then upgrade later when you need more functionality

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