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How to Block Apps on Play Store

If you want to prevent your kids from downloading certain applications from the Google Play store, you can follow these simple steps. By blocking the access to certain apps, you will prevent your child from seeing inappropriate content and spending hours playing addictive games. Blocking the download of certain apps will prevent them from cluttering the device when they borrow it later. To begin blocking apps, open the Google Play Store and tap the profile icon. You will find several options for blocking specific apps.

Next, you will need to access the Data Usage section of the settings. This section shows the total amount of data that the app has used over a specific period of time. From here, toggle the switch next to Mobile data or Wi-Fi. Make sure to check both boxes, as some apps will not be available for blocking. Once you have blocked apps, they cannot use your mobile data or Wi-Fi. You can also choose to block apps that use your phone’s camera, so you should be able to block them as well.

To block apps from the Play Store, you can enable a feature called Mobicip. This enables you to restrict certain categories or time limits to apps on Android devices. You can also set a time limit for the apps to prevent them from taking over your phone. In addition, blocked apps will show a message stating that the parents have blocked the app. This way, the child will need to ask permission to access the app, if they’d like to use it duysnews.

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