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Best Kpop Companies For Females

If you are a female fan, you may be wondering which are the best Kpop companies for females. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for you. These companies have female CEOs and founders, and this article will help you choose from among these companies. Read on to find out more! After all, we’re all about equality, right? So, why not make the industry even more gender-balanced by promoting female-led companies?

The RBW Entertainment Company is currently one of the fastest-rising Kpop entertainment companies. This company is home to the hottest Kpop female group in the world, Mamamoo. This company’s female artists have made waves since their successful debut in 2014.

Another company with female artists is SM Entertainment. Founded in 2003 by Korean rapper Rhymer, this company also has an indie sub-label called Korean Roulette. Its roster of artists includes f(x) members As One, BDC, Miss $, and Yang Da-il. The company’s recent roster of artists includes TVXQ, EXO, and Super Junior. SM Entertainment is also known for its recent comebacks, such as the upcoming comebacks of TVXQ, EXO, and Super Junior.

A few years ago, HYBE acquired Pledis Entertainment. Although the company will continue to operate independently, HYBE’s global networks and platform technologies will give Pledis’ artists the opportunity to receive greater international exposure. And SEVENTEEN will continue to rise. So, what are the best Kpop companies for females? They’re sure to please! Don’t forget to share your opinions with us!

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